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Reading FC At Euro 2016: The Alternative, Alternative View

With Euro 2016 heading into the business end, we take a look at how social media has responded to the efforts of Royals past & present.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

So after 12 days the group stages have come to an end, remarkably all of Readings past and present players have emerged from the group stage and are all in the knockout part of the tournament.

We have had a mix of excellent performances, cameos and a few bench warmers however we have had at least one player play for every team in the group stages.

It’s good to see that Eamonn Dolans legacy is fittingly rewarded with a number of his starlets showing the Euro stage what they can do. Hopefully this is the start of something good for the Academy and a legacy that has a good future.

So this is our last full programme of players as some will be on the way home after this round, so without further waffling.

Ryan Bertrand

He's had mixed reviews so far for his efforts against Slovakia....

That sinking feeling...

There's getting the ball then there's UFC.....

Nah he ain't that bad!

Chris Baird

Distinctly quiet for Chris this time around

However it's always good to have home town support!

Simon Church

Has a player ever been so maligned?

However there are good points to be made

Some are quiet scary thoughts...

Doesn't bode well for Russia

Chris Gunter

It seems that Chris is starting to become a Welsh Hero!

However there are some times when you just have to say "well done"

Which ever way you look at it, this is impressive!

Chin up lads!

However we are still English.....

Hal Robson Kanu

Seem HRK seems to be getting a cult following..

I for one would love to see this

Who needs Vardy......?

Yeah ok you gotta point

Some people just don't learn

Shane Long

Is it me or is anyone else getting sick of this song?

Really can imagine him in Game of Thrones!

I mean yeah seriously....not given?

They will regret it when Hound turns up!

Oliver Norwood

Oli doing what Oli does..

For those that don't speak Spanish, Oli saying "ref, mate, it's a bit of rain"

So £3m extra put on is transfer fee?

Stephen Quinn

Well he's getting to see a lot of France....

made me chuckle......

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Top picture, incredible

Anyone wanna go £20? Dead cert