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Reading FC Pre-Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup 1871-72 v 1984-89

Which kit will you vote for: our first ever home kit or a non-hooped classic from the 1980s?


Okay I know what you're all thinking: that doesn't look like a Reading FC team, it looks like a team of convicts. Well you're almost right except the dark hoops were navy and not black.

Original Reading FC Kit

Credit: Chris Lee

Since this shirt we have never sported so many hoops. Personally I think it should be a given that our 150th anniversary kit honours this first ever kit. And yes that design will need to see the 2021/22 players sport navy and white hooped hats like three of the players above.


Yes the eagle eyed of you will notice, or know, that I have included two designs as one shirt. From the first three years this design had a collar. In 1987 a club badge was added and the collar became a v collar.

This is undoubtedly one of the most iconic kits in the club's history, but will its lack of hoops count against it? I love Courage as the sponsor and it does have to be said that in football kit designs this is actually pretty unique. I struggle to think of another football club with a similar designed kit.

On a side note, how horrendous do those fences along the South Bank look.


Credit: Chris Lee

The final day for voting will be 11 June.

If you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful historic photos please do check out Chris Lee's excellent website which is an absolute treasure trove of material for Reading fans.