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Glen Little Fears For Reading FC's Future

The former Reading winger has spoken to BBC Berkshire about the current state of the club - he doesn't like what he sees.

With a whole host of changes going on around Reading behind the scenes, fans are naturally worried about what direction the club is going in. Interestingly, we're not alone in our concerns.

Speaking to Ady Williams on BBC Radio Berkshire, former Royal Glen Little had his say on the position that Reading is currently in. And, judging by his comments, he has similar misgivings to many fans.

On the new gaffer coming in

"He doesn't know anyone, he's got leftovers from the last two or three managers, he'll sign three or four people who don't know the club, doesn't really know the players... and then what if in October/November, you're 16th Ade? Is he gonna get sacked?"

On manager turnover in general

"[Reading are] gonna end up like Leeds, aren't [they]? Where... you're just going nowhere with any manager... that's the route you're going down Ady.

You're just giving someone five or six months - if he doesn't do well, you lose, you get to October/November, you lose two or three on the spin, and then you've got to be looking at him to get sacked. And then you get another man in halfway through a season... you're just going down the Leeds route."

On the owners

"I don't know with the owners what's really going on with these people Ade, I've gotta be honest. It's not the club I knew, d'ya know what I mean? Or like what we knew when we signed ten/eleven years ago - it's just started going down this route the last two or three seasons."

On the makeup of the squad

"...How much money is there to spend? You've already let a lot of players go, there was a lot of loans, and then if you're a player and you're being linked with clubs, what's keeping you there Ade? You're just thinking 'I'm getting out of here'."

On the departure of Nicky Hammond

"The writing was on the wall when I saw Nicky Hammond go. That's what had the alarm bells ringing for me. I'm thinking well, hang on a minute, Hammo's been there a long time, he's been through a lot, he cares about the club, he is part of what the club was about. Maybe there are problems going on behind the scenes."

What I make of Little's comments

First and foremost, it's great to see players from the Reading's past not only taking an interest in the current state of the club, but also caring deeply about its future. Looking back on those who have come and go since the Steve Coppell era, are there many who do have a lasting affection for Reading FC? I'm not so sure.

Besides that, I think that Glen Little echoes the worries that many fans have at the moment. The Thai consortium have done a pretty dire job of maintaining any kind of dialogue with the supporters. When loyal figures such as McDermott and Hammond leave the club, and there's no reassuring response from the Thais, it's hard not to - as Little says - think that there are problems going on behind the scenes.

Added to that, what direction is the club going in exactly? I personally am willing to give the Thais the benefit of the doubt (but hey, I did the same with Anton Zingarevich). Nonetheless, I completely sympathise with those who are deeply concerned about the Thais' ownership - one of those people apparently being Glen Little.

I'd like to know what you thought of Glen Little's comments. Do you think he speaks for a lot of fans? Leave me a comment below.

The quotes in this article were transcribed from the interview that Glen Little gave with BBC Berkshire's Ady Williams. You can find the full edition of it here.