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Dutch Media Claim Stam To Reading FC Is A Done Deal

The number of outlets reporting on the Dutchman's switch to Berkshire is growing...

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

The Stam-In camp is continuing to grow, with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf joining the Daily Mail in believing that Jaap Stam's deal to join Reading as head coach on a two-year deal is all-but completed.

Ever since Brian McDermott's sacking last month, the ex-Manchester United and Lazio star has been touted as the bookies favourite to succeed the Northern Irishman, however an official confirmation has failed to materialise.

Indeed, local media have reported that no deal is in place, citing Brian Tevreden's dismissal of an agreement last week. Furthermore, Nigel Howe is currently on holiday, another reason to hold fire on getting ahead of ourselves or calling your first-born Jaap.

Plus, Dutch site AjaxShowTime speculate that Andries Ulderink could follow Stam to Berkshire, becoming the ex-Man United defender's assistant manager. Ulderink worked with Stam at Jong Ajax, even quitting the club at roughly the same time.

Of course, I'm adamant that Nigel Howe's taken his phone with him on holiday, and with talk of power battles within the Madejski Stadium boardroom, who's to say the long-standing chief exec. even has much of a say on this appointment?

An official confirmation of Stam may be some way off, relatively speaking, but the evidence that there'll be a 6 foot 3 bald Dutchman glowering out from the bottom of the West Stand next season is forever growing.