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Away Days: Boreham Wood 0-5 Reading FC

The @ReadingAwayDays boys are back with their first video of the 2016/2017 season.

FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! And along with that, the return of Away Days is here. Today we were at Boreham Wood and it's safe to say it wasn't the best ground we've been too but, for non-league... it was tidy.

The same thing can be said about the performance too. We played well, the whole team at that. Yeah it was against a non-league team, but still Gareth McCleary looked back to his best and in the first half we looked good.

The best players on the pitch though for me, were the Under 21 boys. In defence Zak Jules looked good and confident on the ball. Tarique Fosu and Liam Kelly both stole the show for me. The fact that Kelly was made captain makes me think Jaap Stam has confidence in his ability. Fosu played quality and that's how I expected him to play. He was skillful and him scoring two goals must be a good thing.

Dominic Samuel and Deniss Rakels were quite during the game, but both did pick up an assist each, and Rakels even got on the score sheet, so they must have done something right.

Next up for us though is Swindon, so we hope to see some more of you there. Thanks for watching as always and we'll see you in the next video.