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Reading FC Away Days - Swindon Town (Friendly)

The Away Days boys are back at Reading's third friendly of the summer to 'rivals' Swindon.

We hate Swindon, We hate Swindon, We hate Swindon, We hate Swindon.

The first time we have played Swindon in years, and to be fair... it wasn't the best of games but to see a Reading team come from behind and win a game was exciting ; it's something that Adkins couldn't do, Clarke wasn't very good at it and McDermott's reign in charge was pretty terrible, so to see Jaap Stam's side react to going 1-0 down and coming back to win was a good thing and a hopefully a great sign of things to come.

Players wise, I was very impressed with our new number one Anssi Jaakkola who seemed very composed in goal and made a lot of good saves through out the game. In both the first and second half the Fin was in my opinion the most impressive player.

Another player who played well was Craig Tanner. He has obviously been out on loan for the last couple of years and gaining that experience away was shown in this game. He was composed and made a few good passes out on the right wing. Tanner was also able to get the assist for Jack Stacey's winner late on.

More players who played well were: Dominic Samuel, Tarique Fosu, Deniss Rakels and obviously the man who scored the winner (and got an assist for Rakels' goal) Jack Stacey.

Finally though, the fans were absolutely class throughout the game and we didn't stop signing the entire way through a pre season friendly. It was a class game and a fantastic atmosphere. Thanks everyone for watching again, and we'll be back for the start of the season (On holiday for the Wimbledon game). Anyway see you next time!