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Fancy Writing For The Tilehurst End?

We're always looking to grow our humble portal and to do that we need your help, so if you've ever been curious about getting involved, here's your chance.

The Tilehurst End has always been here to give fans the chance to share their views on Reading Football Club - past, present and future - and the door is always open for others to get involved and join the project.

Whether it's a one-off opinion piece on a topic that's been gnawing away at you, or the desire to get stuck into a regular feature or project, TTE will always be happy to take on board new ideas, suggestions and writers.

While we've never been able to offer payment to writers, what we have been able to do is provide an established, well-recognised portal for people to gain experience and exposure for their talents and a friendly spot for opinions. To date we've already helped several people gain jobs within the media, with employers recognising the fine work (their words, not ours) done on The Tilehurst End.

So if you fancy writing tactical analysis, historical pieces, opinions on the current side, match reports, reporting news and rumours or perhaps delving into video, drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to talk.

We don't require a specific set of qualifications or skills, but given that we're a website we do ask that you have a fairly decent grasp of spelling and grammar, while the more experience you've already got the better. Likewise, if you're interested in video or audio-based projects, some experience there is handy. With that being said, we have an established, friendly editorial team who are always around to help.

What we do need is for people to be able to fulfil their commitments and deliver what they've signed up for. We're a pretty flexible team and on occasion real life is always going to get in the way but if you don't think you'll be able to handle a particular timetable than please just let us know in advance.

So if you'd like to get involved, want to know more, or even if you'd just like to throw an idea at us please get in touch via or of course nudge us on twitter @thetilehurstend