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Reading FC Pre-Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup Final Result

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Find out the final results in our competition to find the best and worst kits Reading wore at Elm Park.




1994-95 team photo

Third Place

McPherson, Gilkes and Williams

Fourth Place

Reading FC Home Kit 1978/1981

Fifth Place


Sixth Place

Reading FC 1961-62 Team Photo

Seventh Place

83/83 Team Photo

Eight Place

1926/27 team photo

Ninth Place

Original Reading FC Kit

Tenth Place

Steve Swales

Eleventh Place

1983-84 team photo

Twelfth Place

1879-79 Home Kit

Thirteenth Place

Mick Tait 1989-1991 Home Kit

Fourteenth Place

53/54 Team Photo

Fifteenth Place

Brendan Rodgers

Last Place

1965-66 team photo

If you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful historic photos please do check out Chris Lee's excellent website which is an absolute treasure trove of material for Reading fans.