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Reading Ownership Approval Rating Results - July 2016

Nine months is a long time in the life of Reading Football Club.

Last time we asked you to rate the ownership situation at Reading in October, you gave the Thai consortium a pretty optimistic review, averaging out at 3.76 out of 5. Nine months later, and the positive impression they had built up with big-name signings and plans to upgrade the infrastructure has certainly taken a tumble. Now, as we head into the first off-season under Jaap Stam, it's a rating of 2.50 out of 5 - with over 50% of you giving them 2 or 1 out of 5.

Ultimately it's the uncertainty which is causing the doubts to be raised amongst Royals fans - the ever-shifting balance of power, the rumours regarding the financial situation, the spectre of Anton Zingarevich looming in the rear mirror. But after two years of upheaval, via four permanent managers, now is certainly the time to arrest the decline of the club and start to show positive results on and off the pitch.

Thanks for your votes as ever - the results are below. We'll be back after the transfer window shuts to gauge how you're feeling then...