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The Social Media Reaction To Past And Present Reading FC Players At Euro 2016

So after 43 games, 25 days we are down to the semi-finals and in Reading's terms, down to our last three ex and current players.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

On the whole the Reading connections have had mixed tournaments, with players such as Ryan Bertrand, Simon Church, Chris Baird and Stephen Quinn, being bit part players, whereas Chris Gunter, Hal Robson Kanu, Oliver Norwood and Gylfi Sigurðsson being all heavily involved in games.

With Wales being the latest bastion of Reading’s attempts to have a Euro 2016 winner in our history, all our hopes are that the dream for the Welsh team carries on, a small matter of a certain Real Madrid player standing in their way of a final, yes let that sink in, a final at Euro 2016.

Of our three remaining connections, Hal Robson Kanu has lived up to his tag as an enigma, an injury disrupted season last year failed to get the Reading fans on his side. Yet at the Euros he has played like a man possessed, you may ask where this guy has been for the last few years.

Chris Gunter really has shown what we all know, his game is all about athleticism and the cross that he put on Vokes head was sublime, more next season please Chris! (if your still here)

Simon Church has been doing what Simon Church does best. The bench being his best friend he is still with a chance of getting on the pitch at a Euro 2016 final. Just pause, let that sink in, and realise that there are indeed strange forces at work in the Universe.

Right so as we have three left – what’s been said in the Twittersphere.

Simon Church

Does take a minute to sink in....

#Legacy #21forDolan

Who wants to go halves on a tenner?

Really!! Eurovision could be interesting!

Chris Gunter

As put down's go......

Never a truer word said

Oooh thats gotta hurt!

A very valid point.

Top picture!

nah not like it's Hazard, Fellani - oh wait....

Who said the Premiership is the best league?


Has Gunter ever, ever crossed a better ball?

Hal Robson Kanu

Bet Celine never thought that this would happen!

Ok, one more angle....pure genius, there I said it....

The Belgium defense will never live this down.

Who is this player and wheres the real HRK


How many versions of this are there?

Think there's a few clubs in dreamland!


Love him, hate him, not bothered about him, but you can't say that Hal Robson Kanu hasn't had a decent championship. There is a strong chance that if Wales continue their run he could end up as player of the tournament, certainly he has a good chance of goal of the tournament!

There is also a lot of head scratching as to how a player that has been average for Reading has suddenly turned into Messi. Is this coaching, is this the player or one of those unfathomable things, like why does buttered toast always land butter side down when you drop it.

Either way what it has shown is that you take an average side, give them something to fight for and a point to prove and who knows what can happen, I just hope that the Reading team are watching this tournament and can get inspiration for next season from it.

Hopefully we I will be back after the semi's reporting on another amazing Welsh performance so until then....Pob lwc!