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Reading FC Manager Jaap Stam On Dutch Players And Future Signings

The revolution will not be televised as Dutch as we thought it was going to be.

It doesn't appear that the 'Neth-olution' in Reading will be as exclusively Dutch as we'd thought. The off-field quartet of Jaap Stam, Andries Ulderink, Said Bakkati and Brian Tevreden had been joined by Danzell Graveberch and Joey Van den Berg on the pitch.

However, Stam doesn't think it would be advisable to give the squad an overly Eredivisie feel, at least for the sake of balance. Speaking to the Reading Post, Reading's manager described himself as...

“...not the type of manager who just wants to sign Dutch players. I know Dutch players, I know their mentality and how they like to play - the league in Holland is nothing compared to the league here.

So Joey is probably a one off. I don’t think we will be looking at Dutch players any more."

Speaking about the kind of signings that Reading are targeting at the moment in general, Stam said that...

"We’re really looking for players who have a certain mentality, physique and the combination of technical skills who can bring something extra to the team.

“If you look at other leagues in Europe most of the players have a bit more physique than Dutch players.”

“We are looking at English players - but players from other countries as well. Of course though the first place we are looking is the UK because those players know the league and what you need to bring to do well.”

This isn't really anything new

In other words, going forwards Reading will have a visible Dutch style, but won't be so taken over by it that the club becomes some kind of Ajax colony. All of that fits in very well with what we've already heard from Jaap Stam on the topic of transfers. Indeed, soon after becoming manager, he said:

"I think you have to look at what's possible to get in the UK as well, looking at physical players who you need in this competition. Those sort of players are in the UK already."

Regardless, don't take any of that to mean 'Reading will exclusively be shopping in England'. Indeed, recent rumours have seen the club predominantly linked with players from across Europe. One of the more widely discussed examples has been Slovenian forward Tim Matavz, who currently plays for Augsburg in Germany.

The key takeaway from all of this?

Squad balance is key. Only bringing in Dutch players, just because the manager and his staff are Dutch, won't do. Experience in the English style will be vital, and additions from France, Germany and elsewhere certainly won't go amiss.

Plus, let's not forget, Jaap Stam himself has a wealth of playing experience across the continent, turning out for the likes of Manchester United, Lazio and AC Milan.

That internationalist approach will most likely be replicated in his time as manager of Reading FC. Here's to the future.