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Reading FC Away Days - Wolves

The RFC Away Days boys are back for the new season! Watch their video log of the trip to the Black Country, and read Higgy16's diary of the day, below.

Well. That was an absolutely terrible performance. The boys did not look like they wanted to play and let's be honest we need to move on.

Certain players needed to be picked out for being terrible, such as Chris Gunter, as much as I hate writing about how bad he plays. But, he always seems like he's to blame. Gunter could be said to be at fault for the first goal, running into the centre-back position and staying there, instead of going to his position of right back. This then lead to Wolves scoring. He needs to sort this out if he wants to stay in the team, as now we have Tennai Watson, who is more than capable of replacing him.

Joey van den Berg, too, and this one is a shame, as JVDB has played well in his first two games, but he was done for pace so much through out the game. Van den Berg also didn't make any real tackles that stood out for me.

Everyone played bad to be honest and we really need to move away from the game and well... hope for the best against Newcastle on Wednesday night (we'll be there).

Anyway hope you all enjoyed the video and we'll see you in Newcastle!