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Eight Thoughts While Watching Newcastle Defeat Highlights

It was a tough defeat to take, in terms of scoreline for Reading on Wednesday night, so let's all share in Marc's pain with the replays and get it out of our system.

Derby v Reading - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

The Video

8 Thoughts

00:00 - 00:25: Ah good, well clear- OH GOD NO!

00:25 - 00:37: That is one of the naughtiest dinks you'll see this side of Catalonia.

00:37 - 00:41: Heavens above he actually made the right call.

00:41 - 00:57: GMAC is BACK!

00:57 - 01:16: A-tishoo, A-tishoo... And we all fall down!

01:16 - 01:31: Screw you Matt Ritchie, I liked that corner flag.

01:31 - 01:45: Call Lemar 'cause there aren't no justice in the world.

01:45 - The end of time: I hate this game.