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Away Days - Newcastle

James and Adam are back from their long trek up to the North East, showing you what it was like to be in the lofty heights of St. James' Park.

As much as the result shows we had a bad game... we didn't. We really didn't. The boys looked like they gave everything they had and because of a few dodgy mistakes we lost.

As always I like write about who played well and who was bad and when we were up at Wolves, we didn't praise one player but this time... I will.

Garath McCleary: This man is seriously back to his best. G-Mac had Paul Dummett for breakfast and went past his man every single time. He also scored a penalty and should have had one given to him when Dummett took him down. McCleary looks like he's back to his best and I can't wait to see him Saturday against a slow 35 year old Bruno.

Danny Williams: This one is more mixed, as Danny showed passion throughout the game, but was not up to his usual best (Skill wise). Danny did pick up a yellow card but was good through out the game and tried to dictate the midfield.

Chris Gunter: I honestly swear that I write this every single week...  but yet again Chris Gunter had a poor game. He was done by his man almost every single time he went past him, so.. yet again Chris Gunter had a poor game and honestly if he left I wouldn't mind.

So, that's gonna be it for the article/ video, so thanks again for reading and we'll see you all in Cardiff then.