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View From The Town End: Brighton & Hove Albion

League leaders Brighton are aiming to make it an unhappy homecoming for Jaap Stam, so what can we expect from the Seagulls tomorrow?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

This week's View From The Town End comes to us from Jason from Brighton Only At Home@BHAFConlyathome.

You've made a fast start, how are Brighton fans feeling right now?

Optimistic, happy, excited. Top of the league, no goals conceded (with a makeshift centre back for all games and our reserve keeper playing on Tuesday) and scoring goals from all over. Anyone would be all three of those things in that position, I'd hope anyway. The question is can we maintain it.

Has anything changed significantly since last season?

Though we have less strength at centre back we have been greatly strengthened by the arrival of two ex Reading players. Glenn Murray has returned and scored three goals already while we now have four quality options in the centre of midfield. Oliver Norwood played on Tuesday and was excellent, covering in an unflappable manner and playing ninety one passes, completing ninety percent of them.

Have you been playing well or has the opposition been a bit suspect?

Both. We look very dangerous coming forward with Knockaert and Murray and solid in midfield. However, Forest were awful at the back and I suspect Rotherham will go down this season. The 0-0 draw at Derby is the result for Brighton fans to be wary of, as failure to win against promotion rivals was what cost us promotion last season.

Who would you pick out as your main threat on Saturday?

Knockaert and Murray. I strongly suspect you won't live with them.

Anyone from Reading you're worried about?

I must admit I don't know a lot about your current squad. Rakels had a good end to the season but didn't start on Tuesday. The way we're playing at the back at the moment we should deal with Kermorgant. Now I've said that you'll probably score five!

Finally, give us a score prediction.

I'm going for a bold 2-0 to Brighton.