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Cardiff City 0-1 Reading FC: 9 Thoughts I Had While Watching Highlights

Hoops was at a wedding on Saturday, so these are literally his first thoughts when watching the highlights.

I've not watched the highlights until now. I've only heard about Kermorgant's late winner. Join me on this adventure of a lifetime as I completely revolutionise the way you watch highlights.

The video

The thoughts


Flippin' heck. That was close. Oh, that's an easy sav—what the...!?!


Ahahaha how did he miss that.

Also, Reading, please do something good in these highlights.


Ha, excellent. Top corner, here we goooooooooooooooooooooo-oh.


Stam looks grumpy. But then he always does.


Ok. So Reading's one highlight so far has been a corner. SORT IT OUT LADS.


I'm so happy Cardiff can't finish. They could have had a few.


OH, COME OFF IT. That was on a plate for you, pal.


Oooh hoo hoo. That was a WHISKER AWAY. (I realise that's a cliche.)


Check out that Barca style of play. Oh check out that finish.

Oh, revel in those three points.

That could so easily have been a loss. Got away with it, there…