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NEW! The Tilehurst End Prediction League 2016-17: Matchday 1

In a new series here on the Tilehurst End, let us know how you think the Royals will get on in the weekend's game.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Ever been listening to the podcast and hear Wimb, Jonny and Handbags guess the score of Reading's upcoming game and wanted to do the same? Well now you can!

In conjunction with Reading Away Days, we're running a prediction league whereby all you need to do is leave your score prediction and first goalscorer guess in the comments section of this article or the video over on YouTube.

A correct score (1-0, 2-2 etc.) will earn you two points and a correct result (win/loss/draw) will earn you one point. If you guess the game's first goalscorer correctly, you'll get a bonus point. The person with the most points at the end of the season will win a TTE related prize.

So it's as simple as that! Of course up first is Preston at home, and you have until kick-off on Saturday to get your prediction in. I'm going for a 1-1 draw with John Swift first goalscorer, and you can find out what James and Adam think in the video below!