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View From The Town End: Callum Harriott

It's been one-in, one-out in the final week before the new season for Reading, and to cast an expert eye over latest signing Callum Harriott, we enlisted Charlton fan Kyle Andrews.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

How would you sum up Callum's time at the Valley?

I think the best way of describing it is as a period of unfilled potential. In the sense that there were occasions where Harriott displayed the true extent of his talents, but so often performed at a level below that. A frustrating inconsistency that has existed since his first proper foray into the Charlton side in 2013.

He was a producer of infrequent, useful moments, rather than someone who performed on a consistent basis. A real divider of supporters on that basis, with the voices that argued for patience over him as loud as those that suggested his inconsistency was a sign of him simply not being good enough.

He had, however, become a more consistent performer in the Championship since his return from a much-needed loan spell at Colchester United, and was at the heart of many of our better performances in the final months of last season. I'm personally very disappointed to see him depart.

What are his main strengths?

He possesses, to one degree or another, the majority of the attributes a traditional winger requires. Good pace, quick feet, and the general ability to beat a man. It's just what he does once he finds himself in a promising position that often proves frustrating.

Any weaknesses?

His biggest flaw is undoubtedly his decision making. So often does he run into dead ends, pass when he needs to dribble, or shoot when he needs to pass. That above anything else prevents him from consistently displaying the ability he does have.

Where's his best position?

He can really only play on the left wing. He hasn't got a right foot, and he's not the sort of winger who thrives when given an opportunity to cut inside. That didn't prevent us frequently deploying him on the right last season, mind.

Any stories of him off the field?

He's good friends with a lot of the Crystal Palace players, and decided it would be a good idea to Tweet some of them good luck ahead of their FA Cup Final last season. Charlton supporters were quick to inform him that they weren't too appreciative of that. Probably another indication of the struggles Harriott has with his brain.

How good can he be?

I don't believe you've got yourselves a player who, even if able to perform consistently at his best, could develop into one of Premier League standard. But there's a top-end Championship player hiding in the shell of one of the most frustrating players I've seen wear Charlton red.

Many thanks to Kyle! What do you make of the signing? Comment below.