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Huntyroyal Talks Oliver Norwood, Eamonn Dolan & New Beginnings For Reading FC

In his first weekly column Johnny Hunt looks at the positives and negatives from the last week.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Happy Monday morning everyone. Enjoy your day and enjoy your week, so here we go my first regular weekly Monday column.

And We're Off!

So the football equivalent of horse racing's Grand National is off and running for another year. The pre-race talk, the build-up and the kit launch from space is over.

The first few games are like the horses jockeying for the best position, trying to make sure they don't fall at the first fence, or be left lagging at the back of the field, with little chance of catching up with the front runners, who are always trying to keep ahead of the pack.

So what will this season be? A fantastic win from the front? A late sprint finish for a top six place, or a struggle to keep up at the back of the field? Personally I think we will show signs of promise and finish in the top 10.

Then, in typical Reading style you find out one of your leading jockeys Oli Norwood is being replaced just before the start of the race! After seeing him interviewed I'm quite happy he's gone - the big show pony!

Time for reality to kick in then!

The Reality

So first game of the season versus Preston then, and after watching the one horse race winners Newcastle United lose first game you've gotta love footy.

However, I wasn't at the game due to family duties, but I followed it on Twitter.

It sounded very much like a one-sided first half with a cracking goal from Swift. We could have had a couple more, but we didn't let in a last minute goal so happy days and a good way to celebrate my last day in England.

We look like we can create chances and have a fresh positive team spirit. Maybe we need a proven goalscorer, who knows at the end of the day it's just a game.

More importantly what a brilliant tribute to Eamonn Dolan, a man who helped make the club what it is and so many past and present players who they are! One of which Pierce Sweeney made his professional debut for Exeter City at the weekend.

Thank you for everything Eamonn, you will never be forgotten and as we honour the life of a great man the start of a new footballing journey begins.

My little girl Lily Anna aged four went to her first ever Reading FC games as mascot for both men's and women's teams last weekend, and though it didn't go quite according to plan she absolutely loved the footy and is now a fan for life. Isn't that what football is all about?

Passing on the knowledge as a player, coach, fan, friend or parent it's all part of the fun!

Don't change a thing, have a good week and enjoy life we only get one of them. Urzzzzz!!!

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