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Reading 2-1 Ipswich Town: 7 Thoughts While Watching Highlights

Well that was… Odd.

Reading v AFC Bournemouth - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

The best thing about highlights being on YouTube is that we can all procrastinate while we're at work on a Tuesday morning and watch three penalties being scored over, and over, and over again.

The video

The thoughts


Skills. Dem skills. Oh, he's just passed back.

Blackett can't cros—eh? What? Oh!


G'wan Garath, you've got this. You're thinking the same as I am: "What on earth is that goalie doing?"


Garath, you shouldn't have let him win that so easily.

Oh! You shouldn't have let him get that cross in.

Oh! You shouldn't have pushed him…


They've got an old Barcelona kit on.




Joey, you're such a hunk.

Okay, here comes the corner… Eh?

Hahaha sweet…


He's doing it again. What's he doing?

Wahey! Are you Gylfi in disguise?!

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