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Hunty's Column: What's In A Name?

This week Hunty's celebrating the weird and wonderful names to have plied their trade in the Royal County over the years...

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Firstly - how great is it to see us on this unbeaten run! Jaap Stam is certainly starting to make things happen, a team playing with a bit of flair, heart, passion, & togetherness - long may it continue as we haven't seen it for a long while!

In recent times we have seen a big influx of great-named players - the Pog. Mass Sarr, Boris 'the wig' Mihaylov to name but a few. Some great players... some not so! We have had some cracking names though, here is a team of my personal favourites over the years gone by...

Steve Death has to be the best surname for a keeper ever. For a shorter stopper he had the heart of a lion & held record for 3 decades for not conceding a goal. Our best keeper ever.

Martyn Booty Years before Beyonce and hers, we had our own bit of the booty - sadly his footballing skills were as good as hers as well!

Tony Witter who, you may ask? a loan signing from Millwall back in the early 90s, T. Witter made 4 appearances then apparently went on to make a name for himself in social media...

Gordon Cumming & Wayne Wanklyn childish I know but the names say it all... but both decent ball players back in the 70s who would be a commentator's nightmare these days if they were paired in midfield!

Robin Friday the greatest surname in our history summed up life - unique, a one off, and what weekends were all about.

Gordon Neate a surname that summed up his future career as a superb groundsman of the club.

Bobby Lenarduzzi yes he does! If names on shirts were a thing of the 1970s, the club would have made a fortune in kit sales for our Canadian international.

Michael Gilkes Run Run Run Gilksey! A chant that was synonymous in the last decade or so at Elm Park, great to see him back at the club.

Shaun Goater one of the greatest football chants of all time, 'Feed the Goat and he will score', well he didn't for us that often anyway...

Noel & Stephen Hunt finally after decades as a fan it was safe to get my surname on the back of a shirt... are there anymore out there we can sign?!

A bit of fun to start the week! Have a good one.