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Huddersfield & Brentford: The Alternative View

A week of two halves for Reading - Find out how social media reacted to the win over Huddersfield & defeat at Brentford.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

You've read the match reports & player ratings from us here at The Tilehurst End, so how did you all see the two games for Reading this week?


The opposition fans rightly are a bit miffed at Van La Parra, and probably rightly so. As usual they hammered the ref(!) but give them a reason and you will get booked. The "Gunter" effect also took differing viewpoints!

Might have got this a little wrong

"It’s all about the red, about the red walk Parra"

Well, they may have been worse decisions…..

Can’t really argue

Gunter lucky to only get a yellow?

"Who are you, who are you?"


Could our Tuesday curse be back? After dispatching Huddersfield the Royals crashed back with an abject bang on Tuesday night. The Bees fans however seem to be a quiet bunch and their Twitter activity was well, quiet.

I did however learn an awful lot about Bees, and the various kinds whilst hunting for tweets, I mean did you know that they monitor bee hives for weight and temperature, or that bee killing Asian Hornets have arrived in Britain – No? Neither did I and will probably sleep better for it. Anyway back to Tuesday night and as you can imagine the "Bees" fans where a little overjoyed with the result, and Mr Swift probably isn’t high on any Christmas card list.

Formation, formation, formation

Early days my friends

Stam, couldn’t we get a player like this

There are things in life more important that footie

(fortunately the man in question is recovering in hospital)


OK, we lost. OK, it wasn’t great. However most Reading fans would have snapped your hand off to have 17 points from our first 10 games and be within a win of the play-off spots.

The last three wins have shown a resilient side to the Royals, so we need to learn from the Brentford result, park it and get back to winning ways.

Saturday brings Derby to the Mad Stad and the return of a Mr Blackman who finally found the back of the net for his new club (albeit a penalty). It's pretty much a dead certainty that he'lll score against us Saturday, so Reading will have to find the way to score more than one goal in a game. Much rests I feel on Samuel and Mendes being given a chance, and after Tuesday’s performance I think a few players might be sweating on team selection.

Anyway onwards and upwards cmon urzzzz