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Swift Is First Player Of The Month Under Jaap Stam

He's quickly made an impression.

Harry Trump/Getty Images

Yup, a flying start to his Reading career for John Swift, who's speedily shown exactly what he can offer Jaap Stam and the Royals. A good finisher, a great set-piece taker, intelligent, crafty... most importantly, he's been involved in almost everything good that's happened for Reading so far this campaign.

In reality it was a one-horse race, Swift picking up 78% of your votes. Joey van den Berg has also flashed talent as well as his well-known penchant for a booking or two, and he took 14%. The revival of Garath McCleary has also been good to see - he mopped up the remaining 8% of your votes.

Thanks so much for getting involved - the results are below. We'll be back at the start of October to see who's impressed you most!