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Jaap Stam Approval Rating - January 2017 Results

You're still backing Jaap.

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's yet another great month for Stam. Despite a couple of poor results recently, you've given him a rating of 4.12 out of 5. That's not quite as high as the lofty 4.29 score he accumulated in November, but it shows that you're still fully behind everything the Dutchman is building at the club.

With uncertainty behind the scenes, and Stam himself commenting on the holdup behind the potential takeover, it's clear the fans are delighted with the progress that has been made on the pitch over the last seven months. With Reading firmly in the promotion race - a position few thought possible at the start of the season - let's hope Jaap can continue to galvanize the squad and push on in the second half of the campaign.

Thanks as always for your votes - the results, as well as all our previous ratings, are below.