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The FM Verdict On Adrian Popa

What does the world's most popular football management sim have to say on a man set to sign for Reading?

FK Partizan v Steaua Bucharest - UEFA Champions League: Third Qualifying Round 2nd Leg Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Romanian International Adrian Popa has said he'll be signing for Reading over the weekend, becoming our second signing of the January transfer window, but what can we expect from him?

As always we'll be doing our best to get the views on those who've watched the winger in action but in the meantime we'll turn to a tool many football clubs and media outlets such as Sky Sports News HQ have been using to get a rough scouting report on players. Football Manager 2017.

So what does the uber popular management sim have to say about Popa?

Technical Skills

Position wise, Popa is listed as a AMR/MR, or for those who don't speak FM, a right midfielder or a winger. Here's how he compares to Garath McCleary and Roy Beerens in some key technical areas. All values are out of 20.

Not the most favourable impression here for the Romanian who comes in below Reading's current pair in crossing, dribbling and technique. Yet Popa holds his own in the finishing and passing departments, although none of the trio are remarkably high in either of those categories.

Physical Skills

OK so a much more favourable outlook here for the winger, who's rated even quicker than McCleary with the same level of strength as the Jamaican. Popa apparently lacks the same agility as Beerens but he's still got a high value.

Mental Skills

Again, Popa comes out quite well here, with FM painting him as a hard working team player. I'm not sure why McCleary's work rate is so low mind you, but even so, for Popa to be slotted in 7 points higher is some compliment.


FM is far from a perfect scouting tool (Cherno Samba anyone?) Yet the game has proved itself a useful way at getting a vague idea of a player's skill and ability.

If these stats are to be believed, Reading will be getting themselves a pretty hard working winger who has the raw pace to get up and down the flank throughout 90 minutes. It doesn't seem as if we'll be getting as classy a player as Roy Beerens but maybe that's why Stam has picked him out, because he'll offer something different to the Dutchman.

As mentioned we'll be doing our best to get a few more impressions on the Romanian over the coming weeks. That's unless the signing collapses of course... In the mean time FM ranks players on 36 different skills so go and buy the game for yourselves to read much more on a man who could be in blue and white hoops very soon.