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Hunty’s Column: A Win Reminiscent Of The 2016/17 Vintage

Our man Hunty on how the Royals beating Leeds was a complete performance.

Leeds United v Birmingham City - FA Cup with Budweiser Third Round Photo by Tim Keeton/Getty Images

Well that was just what the doctor ordered as I’m sat waiting for the storm to arrive in Ireland. Where next from here? Do we storm up the table or is it back to the doom and gloom?

With our team, who knows? It's like playing Reading Roulette.

Perhaps, just perhaps, that long play-off final hangover is finally starting to clear. The performance versus Leeds on Saturday was reminiscent of so many last year. For the first time this season it felt like we had team spirit, clinical finishing, and a very solid defensive performance all rolled into one.

The most important ingredient of all? Good old fashioned luck.

Vito’s penalty save may not have been the most difficult, but it still has to be saved. He is becoming a very solid reliable No. 1. He's calm and collected, a nice guy who is the backbone of the team like ‘USA’ , Feds and Ali before him.

Stam also took a different approach with Gunter at left-back and Bacuna at right-back. It certainly worked but how long for? Obita is a big loss. Also, Liam Kelly needs to play with Edwards and Joey the guys providing back-up.

Barrow & Bod need to be given a run in the team, they have shown in glimpses what they can do. And King Yann is back at the weekend, hallelujah!

Ilori came in for McShane, is that a long term solution? So many questions but with this team, once it clicks, it will work. I honestly think there's been a change in Stam's mentality and approach at last as well. He got it spot on Saturday.

We may not win the league or play-offs, but if we can continue to build and learn like last season then who knows? One thing that is important is perspective, there are some people going through some very tough times out there. Let's enjoy the win, survive the storm and go again next Saturday.

Keep the faith, keep believing, this is our club our town and we are all in together.