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The Tilehurst End Podcast 145: Neither Half Empty Nor Half Full

Join Marc and Westy for a review of the week’s two games down at the Mad Stad.

Two matches, four points and yet a lingering question of what's still holding back this Reading team after their 0-0 draw with Sheffield Wednesday and 3-0 beating on Barnsley this past week.

Marc and Westy chew over what's left to improve upon and what areas of the team are worth being pretty pleased about ahead of next weekend's trip to Sunderland.

That match is previewed in Any Other Business with a Pubchat on social media and the future of football broadcasting before your questions answered in the Mailbag.

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Show order:

Recap - 02:13

Pubchat - 20:03

Mailbag - 31:29

Sunderland Preview - 41:43