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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 147: A Reunion With Colin

Handbags returns to the show with the 2-2 draw against Cardiff getting a good running over.

It wasn’t the ending Reading fans were hoping for in game No. 499 at the Madejski Stadium but there was, at the very least, plenty to talk about on this week’s show.

Dave ‘Handbags’ Harris popped onto a Skype call with Marc to talk over Monday night’s 2-2 draw as well as answer your questions in the mailbag and look forward to a weekend trip to Suffolk up next for the Royals.

Next week, of course, is the TTE Xmas special which means our end of year awards show! Let us know your thoughts on who should get what at, or via the Twitter and Facebook channels.

Also, don’t forget we have our Patreon campaign alive and kicking as we always look to improve the show and increase our technological capabilities, with the podcast available via iTunes as well as the usual Podbean channel.

Show order:

Cardiff Review - 02:24

Mailbag - 20:52

Ipswich Preview - 33:52