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The Tilehurst End Advent Calendar: December 19

Anyone for a worldie?

Reading v Everton Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images

Seol Ki-Hyeon

Position: Winger

Nationality: South Korean

Total Reading FC Appearances: 30

Total Reading FC Goals: 4

Memorable Moment

Few players embody the sheer, rollocking fun of 2006/07 like Seol does. Wearing the No. 19 for two seasons at the club, he only really made an impression as the Royals romped to eighth as he provided competition to Little and Oster down the right flank.

Generally, a player with four goals for the club wouldn’t go down in history but Seol does because they were mostly wordlies. Which was the best? The long-range drive past Sheffield United? The perfectly placed header at home to Charlton? Getting in on the act at Blackburn on the last day?

It was probably the 30-yard rocket at Upton Park. (It’s really good with Asian commentary, like below).