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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 146: The Legend Of Robin Friday

Roger Titford discusses his new book release on the show.

As one of the most iconic historical figures in Reading Football Club history, Robin Friday is a myth, an engima, and the subject of Robin Titford’s latest release which the author discusses on this week’s podcast.

With a win at Sunderland to review and games versus Cardiff and Stevenage in the Cup to review, Marc is joined by Steve ‘Royals Hoops’ Curtis as well this week with your questions in the mailbag also answered during Episode 146.

Roger’s work ‘The Legend Of Robin Friday’ is available for £10, at the Reading town centre Waterstones branch, STAR base and Madejski Stadium, with the man himself doing a signing session at the Megastore before Monday’s game. It’s also available via WSC’s online shop.

As ever, the TTE Patreon campaign for the podcast and website is chugging along, and you can get involved in that here, with the show also available via Podbean and iTunes.

Show order:

Sunderland recap - 03:22

The Legend of Robin Friday - 12:58

Mailbag - 39:32

Cardiff preview - 52:25