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VOTE: Your Reading FC Player Of The Season So Far

With two-thirds of the season behind us, who would you vote for as Reading FC Player of the Season?

Derby County v Reading - Sky Bet Championship

Voting for Player of the Season is always tricky come May, especially with so much football behind us and often no single outstanding candidate to run away with it.

Ali Al-Habsi had a fairly averae 2015, but the end to 2016 saw him surge to a Player of the Season win. Likewise, 2013 was far from an amazing half of the season for Jordan Obita but he scooped the honour five months later. Neither were undeserving of the award but recency bias is an unavoidable part of Player of the Season voting every year, simply as accomplishments from August are much deeper in the memory than March, April and May.

With that in mind, we wanted to know who you'd give the POTS vote to based on the first two-thirds of the campaign.

To narrow the field down, we've picked the top 8 players based on our Tilehurst End player ratings (with at least five starts) and we want you to pick them in order of preference.