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View From The Town End: Ipswich Town

Will Mick McCarthy's men be the team to stop Reading's momentum?

Lincoln City v Ipswich Town - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

To get the lowdown on tomorrow's opponents Ipswich, we got the view of Susan from Turnstile Blues - You can follow her on twitter @Susan1878

How would you sum up your season so far?

From a personal point of view, I wasn't expecting very much but I'm still disappointed! There seems to be something fundamentally wrong at the club at the moment which is reflected on the pitch by what I can only describe as a kind of apathy. We have some good players so it's quite difficult to understand how we can have played so embarrassingly badly at times. The FA Cup games against Lincoln City were a real low point.

Are fans still behind Mick McCarthy?

I think the answer is mainly that they're not and he's quite aware of it. Having said that, it has been interesting to see that at last many fans are realising that McCarthy is part of a pattern of managerial failure under our owner, Marcus Evans. He's actually done quite well until recently, having been given very little financial backing. It's hard to see how he can improve things under the current regime though. He's had to lose players like Daryl Murphy and try to carry on without a direct replacement.

Did you get what you needed in the January window?

Not at all. I'm not going to condemn any player until they've had a chance but the new boys strike me as players who are only going to play a small part in our season. I hope I'm wrong. McCarthy has been good at spotting talent in the past. I'm pleased by the acquisition of Steven Taylor, though. If he stays fit, he could really help strengthen our rather lamentable defence.

What did you make of the 2-1 defeat at the Mad Stad?

To be honest, I was expecting worse following the thrashing we received at your hands a year before, but it turned out to be such a bizarre game with some very strange refereeing. I think my feeling at the time was one of bemused resignation, but looking back, I wonder what effect matches like that have on the morale of our players. I think a draw would have been fair.

Who should Reading be wary of on Saturday?

It's got to be Tom Lawrence who should be fit, although he twisted his ankle on Tuesday night so has been a slight doubt. He's a very good player and will score goals if he's given the slightest opportunity.

Any Reading player that worries you?

McCleary seems to be on good form, and I suppose a Grabban goal is somewhat on the cards as he's a former Budgie. I always find Kermorgant's a nuisance so if he's playing, I'll be worrying about him.

Score prediction?

I'm going to be ridiculously optimistic and go for 1-1!

Finally, any advice for fans making the trip?

Ipswich can offer some great places to eat and drink, but they aren't the ones that away fans are normally directed towards. Head for the Marina area, or pubs that are just outside the town centre. There are several that provide great food, beer and hospitality, and you'll be made to feel very welcome by most Town supporters.