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Reading FC Slash Season Ticket Renewal Prices For 2017/18

The club will be making football even more affordable for Loyal Royals next season.

Reading v Crystal Palace - The Emirates FA Cup Sixth Round Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Reading FC have announced that they have slashed prices for anyone wanting to renew their season ticket at the Madejski Stadium. The 'early bird' offer opens up Friday morning at 10am, and will last for the next four weeks until April 7.

During that period, any fan who currently owns a season ticket will be able to snap one up for the 2017/18 season for a lower cost, whether Reading are in the Premier League or Championship for that campaign.

That's a great deal for Loyal Royals to take advantage of, and comes on the back of other impressive ticket-related deals from the club, who say:

"Reading Football Club remain committed to affordable football as we have demonstrated throughout the season. It began with reductions in this season’s ST prices, it was followed by a Twenty’s Plenty promise attached to our matchday ticket pricing policy for both home and away supporters, and then the club subsidised ticket prices for 3,710 adult away fans who travelled to Old Trafford for our FA Cup clash at Old Trafford back in January."

Cynics can quite rightly point at poor attendances at the Mad Stad this season - which Marc recently discussed - as a reason for the slashed renewal cost. Nonetheless, it's always good to see the club making football more affordable for the fans.

Below, we've broken down some of the key info, but if you're after the full details you can find them on the official website here.


The cheapest place for adults to sit is the Eamonn Dolan Stand, with prices starting at just £305 for a season ticket renewal in the early bird period, although that'll go up to £325 on April 8 if you hang about. If you're a first-time buyer, you can reserve your place in the former North Stand for a respectable £345.

In the East and Lower West Stands, those prices are £350 and £375 for renewals, going up to £395 for non-renewals. However, for those of you preferring a spot in the Upper West, you'll have to fork out £420, £450 or £495 respectively.


Reading made football a lot more affordable for me and plenty of other Reading fans this season with the introduction of a youth season ticket, which is naturally much cheaper than the full adult price.

Whether you're just out of school, going through college or university, starting out your professional career, or playing FIFA in your bedroom for most of the week, this is a big boost for people my age who don't have the disposable income of, you know, proper adults.

In the Eamonn Dolan, Lower West and East Stands, the lowest price is just £120. Even a delayed renewal (£135) or a new season ticket (£150) is very reasonably priced.

Over in the Upper West, the equivalent outlays are £150, £165 and £180.


The 65+ and 17- categories have seen similar price cuts for renewals across the board, and free season tickets can be claimed for under 7s who attend with an adult.

Parents wishing to bring their children along to matches via the family season ticket can do so for less than in 2016/17. Full information of the deal, which is only available in B16, B17 and B18 of the Eamonn Dolan Stand, can be found here.

Will you be renewing your season ticket for 2017/18? Or are you a non-season ticket holder tempted to commit to a full campaign? Let us know on Twitter @TheTilehurstEnd, or in the comments below.