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101 Things Every Football Fan Should Have Done

Call yourself a football fan? In order to separate the men (or women) from the boys (or girls), URZZ1871 comes up with his list of 101 things every football fan really should have done before they can properly call themselves that.

Reading v Nottingham Forest - npower Championship Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

1 Seen your team play at Wembley.

2 Seen your team promoted.

3 Seen your team saved from relegation on the last day of the season.

4 Seen your team relegated.

5 Seen your team win a penalty shoot-out.

6 Seen your team lose a penalty shoot-out.

7 Seen your team cause a "cup-upset".

Burnley v Lincoln City - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

8 Seen your team score seven goals in a game.

9 Seen your team concede seven goals in a game.

10 Seen your team lose an easy, but vital - match to bottom-of-the-table strugglers.

11 Stayed to the bitter end of a 6+ goal defeat.

12 Phoned your club's 0898 Clubcall number.

13 Seen your team lose to a non-league team.

14 Seen your team play in all four divisions.

15 Watched your team from a terrace.

16 Watched a match progress on Teletext.

17 Stood in a queue waiting for the ticket office to open.

Atletico de Madrid Fans queue for UEFA Champions League Final Match Tickets Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

18 Spent at least an hour on-hold on the phone, queuing to buy a vital ticket.

19 Pulled a sickie to go to a game.

20 Bought an over-priced, black market ticket for a sold-out match.

21 Stolen and kept some grass from your home ground's pitch.

22 Put a picture of your team's home ground up on the wall.

23 Gone to a game to support the team playing a promotion/relegation rival.

24 Vowed never to go to another game - and been back at the next one.

25 Woken from a dream where you'd scored a vital goal for your team.

26 Been in a photo/selfie with your favourite player.

27 Recognised one of your team's players while out and about in town.

28 Had a favourite player that no-one else seemed to like.

29 Gone all shy and tongue-tied when meeting one of your team's star players.

30 Watched a match not involving your team just because a favourite ex-player was playing in it.

Swansea City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

31 Gone to a game on the supporters' club coach.

32 Gone to a game by train.

33 Gone to a game by plane.

34 Gone to a game by boat/ship/ferry.

35 Gone to a game by minibus - and dumped the empty booze cans/bottles at a motorway service station away from the ground.

36 Hitch-hiked to a game after a car/coach breakdown.

37 Found an away ground by following an away supporter.

38 Travelled to a different country to watch your team.

39 Found an away ground by heading for the glow of the floodlights.

40 Ended up at completely the wrong place after heading for the glow of the floodlights.

Portsmouth v Leyton Orient - Sky Bet League Two Photo by Harry Murphy/Getty Images

41 Travelled to a distant town/city for an away game and then not bothered going to the game.

42 Visited a derelict football ground en route to an away game.

43 Drunk in a home pub at an away game.

44 Chatted to a policeman/woman at an away match.

45 Watched your team play away from a home stand.

46 Watched your team play away from a home stand - and sat on your hands when they scored.

47 Been stopped from walking in the right direction to your car/train/house by the police after an away game.

48 Missed your train home because of extra-time and penalties.

49 Driven around for hours to find an open takeaway after a game.

50 Gone to work/school on less than 4 hours sleep after a long midweek away game.

51 Changed holiday plans to take in a match.

52 Watched your team play at home from the away end.

53 Bet against your team on the basis that your bets always lose.

Stoke City v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

54 Bet on the opposition team in order to reduce your disappointment if they win.

55 Arrived at a ground before the gates opened.

56 Arrived late and missed the first goal.

57 Watched a match when drunk.

58 Watched a match from the hospitality area.

59 Heard a vital goal being scored while in the toilets.

60 Taken part in a half-time entertainment.

61 Had your birthday read out or announced on the big screen.

62 Won a half-time lucky draw.

63 Fallen asleep at a match.

West Bromwich Albion v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

64 Chanted for the manager to be sacked.

65 Started a chant.

66 Been the subject of a chant.

67 Celebrated a goal when the ball's gone into the side netting.

68 Wildly celebrated a goal for ages before realising it's been disallowed.

69 Surged forward when a goal was scored.

70 Hugged a complete stranger when celebrating a goal.

71 Lost something from your pockets celebrating a goal.

72 Criticised the linesman - and received a reaction back from them.

Chelsea v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

73 Held an imaginary card in the air to a referee.

74 Sworn at the referee.

75 Run to the front of the stand/terrace to abuse a match official.

76 Been told to calm down by a steward.

77 Sat down on the instruction of a steward - then stood up again as soon as they moved on.

78 Loudly criticised a player/manager and provoked a reaction from them.

79 Not looked as a penalty was taken.

80 Seen someone walk out of a ground minutes before the history-making turnaround begins.

81 Soundly criticised one of your team's players moments before they scored a wonder goal.

82 Invaded the pitch after a memorable victory.

Reading v Nottingham Forest - npower Championship Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

83 Written an email/letter of complaint to an away club after a game.

84 Been to your team's training ground.

85 Been interviewed by TV or radio before or after a game.

86 Contributed to a fanzine/fansite.

87 Dialled into a post-match radio phone-in to vent your anger.

88 Got into a Facebook/Twitter argument with another supporter of your team.

89 Had an argument at work/school with a rival team's supporter.

90 Lost interest in a potential girlfriend/boyfriend because of the team they support.

91 Not gone to an important family occasion in order to watch a match.

92 Lied to your parents about why you can't go to a family occasion instead of football.

93 Secretly listened to a match on the radio at a formal occasion.

94 Taken a boyfriend/girlfriend to their first ever game.

95 Ducked out of a date because of an important game.

Unlike this chap...

96 Watched a foreign team while on holiday.

97 Joined an opposition club's ticket database so you can buy tickets from them.

98 Called another supporter 'plastic' for not going to a game.

99 Worn a replica shirt at least ten years old to a match to prove your long-term-supporter credentials.

100 Abused someone because they have a half & half scarf.

101 Bought a copy of ‘The Sum of the Parts’.