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View From The Town End: Sheffield Wednesday

Will we have a hoot at the home of the Owls? Here's the Wednesday view.


This week's View From The Town End comes via Sheffield Wednesday fan and journalist Joe Crann, you can follow him via twitter @YesWeCrann

How would you sum up your season so far?

Quite difficult to say really, because we’re doing better point for point than last year, but we did spend a lot of money so we should be. As long as we can maintain a playoff spot I think most Wednesdayites will be happy. Outside of the playoffs would be a nightmare though. We definitely haven’t done as well as we *should* have with the individuals available.

You spent big in January to bring in Jordan Rhodes, is he the missing piece in the promotion jigsaw?

Well technically we haven’t spent anything yet! He’s only on loan for the time being! Haha. But yeah, he’s a class act - especially in the Championship - and he could be just what we need.

Any good or bad memories of games with Reading?

Well you put 15 goals past us in four games between 2008 and 2010, so can I just say that whole period was a bad memory?? The 5-2 win a couple of years ago was a good one though.

Who on the Reading team are you worried about?

I mean Kermogant and McCleary re your top scorers in the league this season, so they’re pretty obvious. But young Jon Swift could be a problem too.

Which Wednesday player will cause us the most bother?

If he's fit, it's always Forestieri. He’s what makes us play. If he has a good game, we have a good game. So if you can stop him then it’s half the battle. (Don’t tell Stam!!)

Score prediction?

I’ll go 2-1 Wednesday. Hopeful.

Finally, any advice for Reading fans making the journey?

Have a beer in the pub right by Sheffield station if you’re getting the train! It’s called the Sheffield Tap. Some quality beers in there.