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The Tilehurst End Podcast Interview Special: Reading Academy Manager Lee Herron

We sit down and talk to Reading Academy Manager Lee Herron on a wide range of topics, from the late Eamonn Dolan, to the recruitment process, how social media plays a role for young talent and much more.

In a very special interview we talk to the man responsible for filling the shoes of the late, great Eamonn Dolan, Reading's new Academy Manager Lee Herron. Lee talks emotionally about working with Eamonn and what his legacy is for the football club, from where it was when he joined the club 17 years ago till now.

If you've ever been interested in how young players are found, developed and nurtured at one of the top Academies in the UK then this is the interview for you as Lee shares how social media plays a role in finding talent but the pitfalls for footballers in using it while still maturing as people. We also talk about how the Academy interacts with the first team and the role Jaap Stam is playing in developing the next generation of young players.

Thanks to Lee for giving up his time to speak to us and thanks to those of you who sent us in questions.

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