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Stephen Hunt Talks Ingimarsson, Bikey & More

The former Reading winger has been sharing stories about his former colleagues.

Watford v Reading - Coca Cola Championship Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Stephen Hunt is always good for a story or two and the winger has once again delivered a couple of nuggets about his time at the Madejski Stadium in's latest episode of The Football Show.

On it, Hunt talks about three of his former team mates in particular, Marcus Hahnemann, Ivar Ingimarsson and Andre Bikey.

On Bikey...

"[Laughs] Madman!

I dunno just not all there really, just had a temper. Very talented footballer but, defending... Couldn't defend to save his life.

I think he headbutted someone [against Burnley for Reading], we should have known because when he was on trial he got sent off in his first game for doing something silly if I remember right. Listen, do you know what, he did OK for us for a while and I think he went to Burnley after that actually."

In case you've never seen that moment....

He then goes on to talk about a player about as far away from Bikey temperament wise as you can get, former Reading skipper Ivar Ingimarsson.

"Very calm influence in the dressing room. Very good positionally and very clever, I think he owns a bed and breakfast now in Iceland and runs it from there.

He's well educated so he's probably just saving his money and doing a bits and pieces, living the life. Doesn't vary much in terms of different situations, not very good on a night out. Extremely sound guy, he was the reason we did well for a certain period."

Finally, Hunt lifts the lid on a man he spent time with at both Reading and Wolves, Marcus Hahnemann....

Sound guy.

Had a presence in goal, didn't look very pleasing on the eye but was good in terms of positional play and an extremely good influence off the pitch even if he was crazy.

God knows what he's doing now, probably shooting deer or something. Great guy generally, listen Americans are Americans but he ain't that bad to be fair.

There's plenty more from the midfielder on the show, which you can check out right here.