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View From The Town End: Blackburn Rovers

It's (another) new era for Blackburn but do Tony Mowbray's men have a Hope tonight?

Blackburn Rovers v West Ham United - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Today we got the Blackburn view from Rovers fan Mikey Delap. You can follow him on twitter @MikeyDelap

How would you sum up the season so far?

Frustrating, disappointing, ill-advised and predictable.

The league table doesn't lie (cliche klaxon!) - we've been largely poor and boring in the main, even if recent weeks have seen us come to light a little bit under new stewardship. Quite possibly a tad too late...

Have fans taken to Tony Mowbray?

Very, very well. His initial appointment was met with the usual cocktail of vocal indifference and audible moaning but he's done very well in a short space of time.

The side plays better football, results have been better and he's a refreshing character - full of spark and honesty. If only this sort of appointment had been made in the summer we'd be sat in a nice comfortable mid-table position I'd wager.

Having the hapless Owen Coyle from August - February then turning to Tony Mowbray from February - May is like attending a concert that features H and Claire from Steps for 4 and a half hours before Bruce Springsteen comes on for 20 minutes at the end.


What's the latest with the ownership?

As you were really. They're still not saying very much (not that they're obliged to of course) and the investment has largely ceased bar reinvesting a fraction of whatever transfer fee we bring in from sales.

Furthermore there's no real sign of them buggaring off anytime soon so I'm introducing an ownership exchange programme for next season.

Swapsies... fancy it?

What have you made of Reading this season?

Surprisingly good I'd have said. I didn't think you'd get up to much truth be told but Stam seems to have done about as well as he looks permanently angry and you are where you are based on merit (cliche klaxon number 2!).

Which Rovers player should we be worried about?

I've an ever developing soft spot for Lucas Joao at the moment.

He's on loan from Sheffield Wednesday and after a very shaky start he's starting to look the part - inadvertent poet, definitely didn't know it.

Quick, fast feet and attacks with a purpose.

Me likey.

How our our former chums Mr Guthrie and Mr Akpan getting on?

Every time you ask me I build myself up for a different answer but I really can't bring myself to lie.

Guthrie - injured, plays 3 games, dropped, plays 2 games, quite decent, injured. Repeat cycle.

Akpan - bench, plays 3 games, donkey, plays 1 more game, decent, injured, shoves referee, suspended, bench. Repeat cycle (apart from the ref pushing bit).

Score prediction?

I quite fancy us to pinch something here. I'm going to go 1-1 here with Rovers playing fairly well.

Of course that now means we'll lose 8-1 and you definitely need to delete this afterwards. Please, I pay cash.