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Highlights: Norwich 7-1 Reading - A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Here's how Wimb responded to watching highlights of our 7-1 (darth) mauling at Carrow Road.

Fans Line Up To Watch 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' In New York City Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

If you haven't watched the 'highlights' of our 7-1 defeat at Carrow Road, you can watch them on the Sky Sports website here.

So, why not follow along as Wimb takes us through a game that we'd rather have taken place a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away.

Episode 1: The Phantom Penalty (0:06)

That's a decent save from Ali Al-Habsi, LOL the striker's had a mare trying to follow up.... wait, what? Penalty? That's the smallest of shoves from Chris Gunter, if anything he's trying to stop himself from falling into Oliviera.

Good effort from Al-Habsi to save it, but arse we're behind.

Episode 2: Norwich Attack And We're Drones (0:24)

OK Grabban, time to make yourself a hero and do that whole 'return of the ex' thing to Norwich. Oh, you've lost the ball, never mind, Captain Gunter will stop this cro..... LIAM MOORE & REECE OXFORD to the resc.... Oh ffs. 0-2.

Episode 3: Revenge Of The Pritch (0:33)

Never mind, we can still do this. Not an awful clearance but you've got to want that ball Mutch! Alex Pritchard, isn't he the guy that cost £8m from Spurs?..... Oh, that's why he cost £8m. Great strike that.

Episode 4: A New Dope (0:44)

OK Reece, you're covering him here, just put a foot in.... anytime now... don't be scared he's outside the box, you can put a foot in... come on man before he gets a shot away




Oh.. 0-4.

Episode 5: Pritchard Strikes The Back Of The Net (0:56)

John Swift, you're back on form, you can stop your former England U21 buddy here can't you? No, you've bounced off him like something out of Pat Sharp's funhouse.

Episode 6: Return Of The Yan (1:06)

This is getting embarrassing but hey, that's a fifth goal in four games for Kermorgant.

Episode 7: The Force Fails To Awaken (1:15)

Well we might be able to scrape some pride at least, just get to half-time and we can regroup, nick a couple of goals and 5-3 isn't awful.

You can stop this run, there's three of you around him... HOW IS HE GETTING THROUGH YOU ALL.

*throws laptop*

Episode 8: The Last Shred Of Pride (1:30)

My laptop is halfway across the garden but I can still tell you really, really want to get on out of there.