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Hunty's Column: Mental Play-Offs And Mental Health

Catch up with our resident Royals columnist at the climax of the season.

Fulham v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Play Off: First Leg Photo by Harry Hubbard/Getty Images

So, at half time in the tie, it's 1-1. Who would have thought that could happen? Little old Reading, third in the league, drawing away at sixth-placed Fulham. What a giant killing act that was! Well, that is if you listen to the idiots on Sky Sports and elsewhere in the media.

They will write us off for the rest of the play-offs for sure.

Paul McShane will miss the second leg (he should be jailed for life if you listen to some pundits) but I don't think it's something Jaap Stam is bothered about.

We have options all over the pitch and a great team spirit. I think we are peaking at just the right moment, but time will tell if I am right or not. Either way - two games from the Premier League - bloody oath who would have thought that?

As you know, since these wonderful people at The Tilehurst End let me loose in this column at the start of the season (PS, can I have a new zero pay contract for next year please?), I have the pleasure to talk to a few ex-players about their journeys of recovery when dealing with their mental health issues.

Let's hope Aaron Lennon and others inside and outside football can get the support they need. He's certainly not alone, with former Millwall player Richie Sadler talking recently about his mental health battles when he retired.

We need to keep talking about this. I for one have had the pleasure to talk to a few ex-players about their journeys of recover, and for me it's definitely been an insightful journey. This column has helped me with my own issues, so thanks for putting up with me this season!

So, on to Tuesday! I'll be making my usual manic journey over for one night, reminding me of that Wigan game all those years ago. This is our time - let's get the place rocking and get the team to Wembley - it's in our hands!

For those that can't make it, turn the volume up on the TV. Urzzz!