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The Tilehurst End Podcast Extra: An Interview With Reading Council Over Royal Elm Park

Get the lowdown on Royal Elm Park, the speedway track, and that ice rink as Marc talks to Reading Council's Ashley Pearce.

The Podcast Extra makes a triumphant return as once again an expert sits down with TTE to thrash out the latest news around the club, and this week Marc talks to Reading Councillor Ashley Pearce to get to grips with Royal Elm Park.

After approval was awarded by the council to the club regarding the £500m development that will surround the Madejski Stadium, we put our concerns out in the form of 11 Questions To Ponder, and as a member of the planning committee overseeing the project, Ashley was kind enough to come on for a chat.

Covered in our conversation was the history of Royal Elm Park and the Mad Stad site, the speedway track, the housing and ice rink being built, the Green Park railway station plans, and much more.

Stay tuned to TTE for all the latest news and views on REP and Reading FC.