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Reading FC Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup 2003-04 v 2015-16

In our opening tie we have two kits from seasons that started brightly but fizzled out.


This is the last Reading home shirt I bought (though I haven't had it in my possession for years). This kit was worn for one season by the likes of Shaun Goater and Scott Murray.

We started that season brilliantly before Alan Pardew jumped ship to West Ham. This kit is not too bad, nor that good. Bit like that season in general then.

2003-04 kit

Credit: Ben Radford/Getty Images


Our first Carabao kit. This is a strong simple design, so good in fact they pretty much used the same design for last season.

For six weeks we looked as good as Reading have ever done at second tier level. Sadly this team had no backbone and by the New Year they had downed the tools in the league.

2015-16 kit

Credit: Martin Willetts/Getty Images