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Reading FC Madejski Stadium Home Kits World Cup Final 2014-15 v 2015-16

We're down to the final two. Which one do you think is our best ever home kit we've had at the Mad Stad?


This kit beat the 106 kit and the 06-08 kit, as well as a personal favourite of mine the 04-05 kit. I didn't expect it to beat any of those, but you clearly like it so much it's made it all the way to the final.

2014-15 kit

Credit: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images


Perhaps surprisingly beat our 2012 champions kit in the semi final. Before then it had disposed of last season's kit and the 03-04 kit. As a design it is exactly what you want from a kit, smart and simple with hoops on the back.

2015-16 kit

Credit: Martin Willetts/Getty Images

The last day of voting is 11 July.