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Your Favourite Reading FC Badges

Do these results surprise you?

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Last week we looked back through the history of how Reading Football Club's badge has evolved.

From the town's coat of arms to the modern day badge, there has never been much consistency or a really good design that has withstood the test of time. The elm tree badges are not surprisingly still popular, though the original one does look a bit dated these days.

Perhaps surprisingly the badge worn in the early 90s, that was rumoured to been designed by Ian Branfoot's daughter, was only voted the fifth best badge the club have had. You'll often still see that badge on fans' flags and I know more than a few fans who have tattoos of it.

Despite that cult edge, it is a very basic design that says nothing about the club and includes two colours that the modern day club never wear.

With the lack of a classic old design the current badge was overwhelmingly your favourite. It's been our badge ever since we moved to the Madejski Stadium and been associated with the club during its most successful period.

Below you will find the results of our poll. It was a democratic vote but I dare say a few fans might disagree with the outcome.

Badge results