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View From The Town End: Leandro Bacuna

We asked our chums at 7500 To Holte to tell us what they think of Reading’s new signing.

Aston Villa v Everton - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Leandro Bacuna became Reading’s fifth signing of the summer on Sunday evening, but what can the fans expect from him? James Rushton from 7500 To Holte has us covered.

First of all, we've heard Bacuna is a utility player but where would you say his best position is?

He's played in 13 different positions for Villa, and he's done alright in all of them. He's a good right-back, but he's better on the right wing. He's got a good cross on him.

What are his main strengths?

Attacking. He loves to get forward and make things happen. He's also good at putting a foot in when needed. He's also willing to do his part off the pitch as well. He never moaned once about his position!

Any weaknesses?

His temperament sometimes, he'll just lose it on the pitch and give anyone, regardless of who it is, a mouthful. Also, his ability just isn't there, he's not a gifted played, but he'll pull something out of the hat on occasion.

Do you think he'll suit Jaap Stam's possession-orientated style?

His best years for us were under Lambert, who played a bit of a similar style, I'd say so!

Any stories of what he's like off the pitch?

There's some I can't disclose because of personal reasons and knowing some of his friends in my own life, but Leandro used to like the odd party. When we got relegated, he was one of the players to take it on the chin and up his game.

It didn't translate that well, but he showed up early for pre-season last year and whenever someone opened a beer, he'd walk out the room! What a guy. A lot of people thought he was in it for the lifestyle, and that's not true - but he's been caught out and about singing Villa songs when drunk, which is funny.

Were you sad to see him go?

In a way, yes - but he never kicked on. That's what happens when you play him in 13 positions, but it was his dream to play for Villa, and I guess he did just that.

A big thanks to James Rushton for giving us the Aston Villa view on Leandro Bacuna. He writes for our SB Nation sister-site 7500 To Holte.