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Hunty’s Column: The 106 Casting Call

What have Simon Pegg, Clint Eastwood & Danny Dyer got to do with the greatest team in our history? Read on

9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hello again all!

Frustrating game on Saturday, but there’s still a long way to go, so let's not panic.

Big shout out to all the guys who did the #Fulham2readingwalk to raise mental health awareness and the work of @theCALMzone.

@matchwornshirt1 you and the team are legends, I’m looking forward to joining in the return journey in April. Who else is in?

Away from the rumours and garbage during this transfer window, I can exclusively reveal a breaking story from very reliable people on the sauce in the pub.

Yes there's plans to shoot a new blockbuster movie "The Return of the Magnificent 106".

Casting hasn't been decided as of yet but it got me thinking...

Hahnemann = Clint Eastwood, who else but another cigar smoking, boot wearing, American tough guy?

Murty = Mel Gibson... playing another great leader who pretends he is Scottish.

Ivar = Viggo Mortensen, who else but the king of cool?

Sonko = Denzel Washington, the acting version of our superman.

Brynaldo = Introducing Ed Sheeran as the dribbling wizard, after his legendary performance in Game of Thrones.

Halls = Danny Dyer in another football role bringing added comedy value to the squad.

Shorey= Perry Fenwick, perfect as the lifelong West Ham fan.

Little= Blakey, from on the buses, who else could it be?

Long = Colin Farrell, talented and moody and has as much chance of joining us as Shane does.

Doyle = Niall Horan from One Direction, another man who realises how crap life is when you move on from the team that made you.

Harper = Stephen Graham, bringing a bit of bite to our resident nice guy.

Sidwell = Simon Pegg, the perfect foil for Graham in midfield, could even lead to Hot Fuzz 2.

Hunt = Brad Pitt, reprising his superb Irish accent from Snatch.

Oster = Joey Barton is looking for a job....

Convey = Justin Bieber has put his hand up to play Bobby.

Lita = Kanye West, current king of bling portraying the original kibg of bling, they also share a love of home videos.

Sir Steve Coppell = Played by himself as God is not available.

Sir John Madjeski = Jim Broadbent, who else but this legend to play our new vice chairman?

Wally Downes = Ray Winstone, you want to argue?

Cameo role from Neil Warnock who plays himself cause no one else would want to.

There we go..... Enjoy the movie, enjoy your week and let's get a win on Tuesday URZZZZ.