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QPR 2-0 Reading FC: Player Ratings

There were some poor individual performances on display at Loftus Road.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Vito Mannone: 6

Didn't do much wrong. His distribution could have been better at times. He's a puncher rather than a catcher, though his punches do travel a distance. Pulled off one superb save near the end.

Chris Gunter: 5

I can't really pinpoint anything bad that Gunter did. For a centre back he spent too much time in his usual right back position. Was that because he was covering Popa or because he's not a natural centre back? Also, as captain must take some responsibility for the team's collapse after the first goal.

Liam Moore: 4

This was the poorest I've seen him play. Seemed rattled by the hapless Ilori beside him. Was caught out of position on more than one occasion. Still looked comfortable on the ball and he's too good not to improve.

Tiago Ilori: 2

At times looked super classy on the ball. Defensively though he was woeful. In the first five minutes he carelessly conceded possession which should have resulted in a QPR goal. Was beaten for the first goal and then was at fault for the second too. He looked really nervous and was all over the place. You can have as good a technique as you like, but ultimately as a centre back your first job is to defend.

This was the worst individual performance I've seen from a Reading player since Alex Pearce's infamous game against Cardiff in 2014. On the plus side no Reading player can surely play worse this season. I just hope this doesn't hit his confidence because when he's good he's Premier League good.

Adrian Popa: 5

No one can ever fault Popa for a lack of effort. He's not a wingback so it's maybe a bit unfair to be too harsh on him. I'm still not sure what he brings to the team other than his excellent attitude.

George Evans: 5

Put Evans in a winning team and he's a good player. However, when the going gets tough, Evans is often found wanting. His style of play is that of a central midfielder who should take games by the neck. I have no qualms seeing him in the team, but this was a game that showed that central midfield is the one area in the team where we lack a player of real quality.

Liam Kelly: 5

And one day that player might be Kelly. He was anonymous and apart from some poor set pieces and one lovely through ball to Connor Washington it's hard to remember anything he did. But like so many in the team we all know he's better than he showed here and he is still young.

Tyler Blackett: 5

When Blackett plays well you can see why he played for Man Utd's first team. He is not a wing back though. In fact I'm not sure he's even a natural full back, so this was one of those games when he looked out of position.

John Swift: 5

Showed some nice touches but was pretty quiet. I don't think you can criticise him for not doing more when so many around him were so off their game.

Pelle Clement: 5

As anyone who remembers Dave Kitson's debut will know, you should never judge a player on their first game. Clement was the quietest Reading player on the pitch and it wasn't clear what he was supposed to be bringing to the team. The Championship is a big step up from playing for Ajax-2 in the Dutch second tier. We might need to be patient with him. Lost the ball in the build up to the first goal.

Jón Daði Böðvarsson: 7

The one bright spot and if his injury rules him out for upcoming games then I would say without hesitation that that's the worst thing to come out of this game. Think Dave Kitson and Kevin Doyle combined and you get Böðvarsson. He's tall and stronger and quicker than you might expect. He looked good on the ball and every dangerous Reading attack involved him. Only downside was an under hit pass that could have set Barrow up for a one-on-one. Don't expect him to be a goal machine, but if he can get around 10 goals he could be a very useful player to have.


Modou Barrow: 6

He's quick, Jimmy Kebe quick. Reading were down to 10 men for most of the time he was on the pitch so it's a bit hard to judge him. Could be exciting to watch.

Omar Richards: N/A

The worst possible circumstances to make his senior debut. I hope he gets other chances when the team is not a man down or in crisis mode.

Joseph Mendes: N/A

Won a free kick straight away. Arrived too late to make an impact.

Average Rating: 5.0