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The Tilehurst End Podcast - Episode 138: Stam’s Tough Love?

Was Jaap Stam right to call out the fans who booed, or should the Reading boss be looking at himself?

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The football itself may have been far from memorable but it’s safe to say that Jaap Stam’s post-match comments will live long in the memories of some fans. The Reading boss defiantly took on the boo boys, but did he pick the right time to do so, after a dour home draw with Hull.

We look back at the good, the bad and the ugly from Saturday and analyse just where it’s going wrong and what both manager and fans might have to do to change the mood around the Mad Stad.

We’ve also got tons of feedback from yourselves on those issues, with a rather bulging mail sack. As always, this is a show by fans for fans, so we always welcome that feedback, so thanks for sticking with us.

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