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VOTE: Who Joins Robin Friday In The East Stand?

A fan of the Robin Friday poster? Well here’s your chance to add two new faces.

Madejski Generic

Here at The Tilehurst End we've been asked by friend of the show and three-time capped podcaster, Ben Greenwood, to help decide which two 'Reading Legends' should join Robin Friday in poster form at the back of the East Stand.

Ben has worked on a number of projects for the club, from Bat-Stam to the Royals bus, and now has the opportunity to immortalise a couple of heroes at the Mad Stad.

Vote for your favourite from the list below and once we've a top two Ben will get to work on some designs to accompany Mr Friday high in Y25.

So let us know what you think by voting in the poll, or lend your thoughts in the comments section below.