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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 149: A Bit Of A Chore

That’s how Handbags and Marc summed up the Xmas period as the show returns for 2018.

Sometimes football is fun and fanciful, other times it’s like Reading over the 2017 Christmas period: a bit of a chore.

Luckily there is still plenty to discuss away from the intricacies of passing it slowly from one defender to another and that’s what Marc and Handbags got stuck into for episode 149 of The Tilehurst End Podcast.

From angry fans to stubborn Jaap, ignored youth to how we’ll match up against Hull, strap in via PodBean, YouTube or iTunes.

Furthermore, thanks to all listeners who continue to pledge to our Patreon campaign and to those who answered our survey on improving the show, which you can participate in here.

Show Order

Xmas Period Recap - 01:24

Newsbites - 33:40

Mailbag - 46:40

Hull Preview - 01:01:09